Weekly Update: Carer Positive Reaches 200 Employers!

Oct 16, 2020

This week we held an event for employers based in North Lanarkshire, in partnership with North Lanarkshire Carers Together. Thankyou to everyone who joined us, we felt that everything went really well and that these smaller, geographically targeted events allow a real opportunity for support and partnership with like-minded organisations within local areas.

We particularly appreciated Corrine from North Lanarkshire Carers Together speaking to share her experience of being a carer while working for a supportive organisation. Caring can be a deeply personal experience so we really appreciated her willingness to share this account with us.



The event also happened to be attended by Patricia Kearns from North Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership and was therefore the perfect opportunity to present them with their first Carer Positive certificate. This marks our 200th employer to become a Carer Positive Employer and we are thrilled to celebrate these organisations and the number of working carers benefiting from the support they are providing.

North Lanarkshire HSCP have a clear commitment to supporting carers within their organisation, as was evident from their policies, communication channels and close links with North Lanarkshire Carers Together and Lanarkshire Carers Centre. This commitment aligns with the wider strategic and operational work that North Lanarkshire HSCP do and it is highly likely that they will be able to progress towards an Exemplary Employer status in the future. Congratulations to everyone there on creating this positive working environment.