Carer Positive and Employers for Carers

Apr 30, 2021


This week we were pleased to present out latest award to the Financial Conduct Authority! This organisation have their headquarters in England so they have been working with our colleagues at Employers for Carers on their Carer Confident benchmark, which they reached the second level of this week.

Although there are differences between Carer Positive and Carer Confident, both are part of Carers UK so a level of consistency was created in how each program works and the levels of the award schemes. Therefore, when an organisation becomes Carer Confident but also has branches in Scotland with the same working practices and policies, that organisation will automatically become recognised with the corresponding Carer Positive award.

For this reason, the Financial Conduct Authority have been presented with a Carer Positive Established level certificate. Well done to everyone there on their efforts to build a supportive working environment – it is fantastic to know that more carers living in Scotland have access to support in their workplace.