Weekly Roundup: Flu Jabs and An Award

Oct 25, 2019

We were delighted to present the Scottish Public Pensions Agency with a Carer Positive award this week. SPPA already have a wide range of well-established support structures and policies in place for their carers, in addition to a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of staff in general. They were also able to supply testimonials from staff members as part of their application which painted the working environment as truly empathetic and supportive. We hope SPPA will continue with this excellent work and will go on to achieve the Established level award in the near future.


 We would also just like to remind you all that carers are eligible for the Flu Jab. The flu jab is a safe way to protect yourself from flu, which can be a really nasty and potentially dangerous virus and we would encourage all carers to take the time to get vaccinated when winter comes around each year.

If you are an employer, why not promote this in your office or on your networks? As well as helping to support your staff with caring responsibilities, it may also prevent unexpected absence due to people falling sick. You can find out more about flu and the vaccine here on NHS Scotland website.