Weekly Roundup: Carer Positive in Lanarkshire and our Annual Summit

Nov 22, 2019

Lanarkshire Links  and Carers Together 1119.jpg
On Wednesday Sue was in Lanarkshire where she awarded Lanarkshire Links with an engaged certificate and North Lanarkshire Carers Together with their exemplary award. Not only are these two organisations doing fantastic work to support carers within their own staff, but the presentation was part of a special partnership event as they are working together to encourage local employers and partners to participate in the Carer Positive project and join the Stigma Free Lanarkshire movement.

On Thursday people across the country were hosting events to mark Carers Rights Day and Sue was out again, this time in Dumfries, to welcome User and Carer Involvement to our family of Carer Positive organisations and present their engaged level award. Although it has been a busy week for us, we are always so happy to recognise more and more employers who are supporting carers in the workplace.

summit19 1.jpgToday we were out of the office again, this time for the annual Carers Scotland summit. This event reviewed the work that Carers Scotland, including the Carer Positive scheme, has undertaken over the past year; touching on recent carers events and the State of Caring report. The day went really well and was an excellent opportunity to reflect on everything that has been happening in 2019, as well as gather feedback that will help shape the future.