Spotlight on: SeeMe in Work

May 16, 2023

See Me is Scotland’s national programme to end mental health stigma and discrimination. The programme is funded by the Scottish Government, guided by people with lived experience and managed by two charity partners, the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and the Mental Health Foundation, who are also our research and evaluation partners. 

Tackling stigma in the workplace has been a core part of our work for over a decade because we know that when workplaces get it right on mental health, it creates an atmosphere where people can flourish, help recruit and retain staff and improve the reputation of the organisation.  

See Me in Work is our offer of support to Scotland’s employers and includes access to FREE evidence-based approaches, tools and resources to help create mentally healthy workplaces free from stigma and discrimination in a way that works for the organisation.

We regularly facilitate learning and knowledge exchange sessions and webinars and can provide tailored sessions on a range of topics, including the recently published Scottish Mental Illness Stigma Study (SMISS, 2022). 

See Me is also keen to work in partnership with trade unions, regulators and support organisations across all industries and sectors, to understand the experiences and issues relating to employers and employees. See Me can help identify actions that can be taken forward collaboratively to ensure people’s experiences across their employment journey are free from mental health stigma and discrimination.  

You can download a brochure with more information about SeeMe in Work here.

Please get in touch with See Me if you’d like to discuss how they could work with your organisation.