Returning to the Workplace as a Supportive Employer

Feb 11, 2022

This month in Scotland advice changes for the first time since the start of the pandemic from work at home where possible to a more hybrid working style.

Employers will have to put new plans and procedures in place in order to make this transition, so it is an excellent opportunity to re-examine the workplace as a whole and build in extra support for all members of staff, including working carers.

As part of its Fair Work aspirations, the Scottish Government published Fair Work First guidance in January 2021, which supports employers and public sector partners to implement these practices. This guidance can help employers create a healthy and safe environment where individuals' wellbeing is actively supported, enabling a good work-life balance, as well as action to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Becoming recognised as a Carer Positive Employer is highlighted as an example of best practice within the guidance and may help organisations demonstrate their commitment to Fair Work First. The Fair Work tool for employers also enables organisations to self-assess their working practices against the dimensions of Fair Work.

In addition to the Fair Work guidance, you can find resources and support on the Carer Positive website. You can visit our resources page here, as well as checking out this list of other useful organisations.