Carers Parliament 2021

Oct 8, 2021

This week all of the Carers Scotland team were busy taking part in our annual Carers Parliament. Due to the pandemic, this was the second year that the event had been held virtually with a selection of workshops on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a Main Event on Thursday were carers could put their questions to a panel.

This year the theme of the event was the Scottish Government’s proposed National Care Service, with all of the events exploring different aspects of this proposal and seeking feedback from carers on how to make this work for them.

As well as helping out on on the various events happening, the Carers Positive team were together for Monday night’s workshop ‘NCS: Making it Work for Carers in Employment’. Thank you to everyone who attended, we received a lot of great feedback on the National Care Service from a working carer’s perspective.

If you were unable to attend the Carers Parliament this year, we would really reccomend you to take the time to read through the National Care Service proposals and provide some feedback by answering the questions that are relevant to you.

Read the full consultation here.

The BSL version is available here.

Or the easy read version is here.