Carer Positive Pre-Carers Rights Day Event

Oct 14, 2022

Carers Rights Day falls on November 24th this year.

We always recommend that our Carer Positive employers mark the date by planning activites that can raise awareness and support carers in the workplace. Why not get ready by joining our Pre-Carers Rights Day event on November 17th where we will be highlighting some best practice from employers across Scotland hearing what they have planned for the day?

We will be joined by speakers from recognised Carer Positive organisations, who will share their perspectives with us as both employers and as working carers. Attendees will be able to ask questions and participate in discussion that may be helpful in building their own supportive working environment for carers.

Carers Rights Day is an ideal time for employers to value members of staff with caring responsibilities and look at how their workplace practices can create a supportive working culture. 

Register your place on the Eventbrite page here.